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VIOLET ROSE - The Hand Treatment

VIOLET ROSE - The Hand Treatment

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A nod to the Apothecary Rose Cremes of days gone by, this formula has us pausing to moisture surge and smell the roses. A very special collaboration with our beloved friend and European partner Janine for Muse and Heroine. 

Actives: Alt-Retinol Dew Bean, Violet + Aloe Polysaccharides, Hyaluronic Acid, Marshmallow Root, Bamboo, Lipid Complex of Guava + Strawberry + Mango 

A modern take on a timeless beauty product—Violet Rose is touch, transformed.

A signature LILFOX emulsion that goes on cool and thick and absorbs deep into the skin, residue-free. With seductive aromatics of Bulgarian rose, grassy violet, and subtle woodsmoke.

Rich in botanically derived and clinically proven actives, Violet Rose sits at the apex of sensory luxury and peak performing skincare. 

Formulated with a firming 5% alt retinol dew bean extract, this concentration is rarely even found in facial skincare. This concentration of dew beans and Vit A+C rich kakakdu plum acts like a retinol to gently and effectively exfoliate and diminish dark spots made by sun bathing or age.

This treatment will work to reduce crepiness and any rough texture while softening cuticles.  A lipid profile of silky guava and strawberry seed oils is infused into rich mango butter and babassu to soothe dryness from harsh weather and hand washing.   A proprietary hydration complex of violet and aloe polysaccharides are married with hyaluronic acid and marshmallow root (botanical hyaluronic acid) for unparalleled softening. 

Skin Type: All skin types, especially dry, rough, and wise.

Results: Skin instantly feels and appears softer, hydrated and deeply moisturized. Upon waking, skin is brighter and any rough patches are smoothed out feeling and looking more youthful. 

Texture: Silky satiny crema.



Use nightly as the last step before bed. Massage a dollop onto hands and cuticles and wake up with the softest hands you ever dreamed of. 

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