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Robert Henry Salon



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For Wise, High Priestesses


Sometimes you just know--better than any 'expert' could. Close your eyes, reach for your beauty shelf, let your skin and senses rejoice. You are at the helm of your intuitive beauty journey.

Let’s advance from child’s play to graceful, powerful, beauty icon. We do not shy away from the passing of time and the ease and wisdom it brings. No more anti-aging nonsense. We’re talking about beauty conservation and glow optimization. Respect your elders, beg them for their skin care secrets, and never shy away from a red lip or a gray coiffure.

Amazon After Dark Jelly Balm is a jelly cleanser, moisture surge, cleansing milk all in one—depending on how you use it. It respects, replenishes, and rejuvenates your dermis, prepping it perfectly to receive actives and botanicals that will glow you right out of town.

Aphrodite Toning Mist is a single origin hydrosol made of fresh rose petals, never dried roses. It contains life-force, thousands of pounds of rose petal intelligence, and the secret power of a full moon’s light. Soothing, pink rose quartz assists in bedecking your complexion with timeless beauty. The mist carries actives into the deep layers of your dermis, where cellular rejuvenation waits to be uncovered.

Blue Legume is the butterfly pea super-soaker that will plump and hydrate your skin like no other. Slather it on a bright blue and watch as it soaks into your skin, the pigment disappearing as it beautifies your complexion. Use it as a leave-on or mask it up and gently pat away with a warm clean towel for a micro facial-steam.

Marshmallow Poof contains shiitake, botanical hyaluronic acid from marshmallow, 5 cell communicating peptide chains and so much more. It is the perfectly light, activating moisture crema that loves to play with other LILFOX products. Add small amounts to any skincare product you’re applying or give it its own generous slather to bookend your routine. Feel gorgeous. Repeat.

Dewy Bean Dream is the end all, be all alt retinol. Beauties with a dull sheen, concerns of fine lines, uneven skin tone, acne, and chronic redness report clear skin in under a week. We cannot keep this break-through game changer in stock.

This complete set contains Amazon After Dark (50ml/full size), Aphrodite (50ml), Blue Legume (15ml), Marshmallow Poof (15ml) and a Dewy Bean Dream (3.5ml) in a beautiful glossy LILFOX gift box. A $190 value.



1. Cleanse/ Amazon After Dark

2. Mist/ Aphrodite 

3. HydraSoothe/Blue Legume Mask

4. Cocktail Together/ Dewy Bean Dream + Marshmallow Poof

5. Mist/ Aphrodite

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