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Robert Henry Salon



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For Acne Prone Cuties + Clarity-Seekers


Sometimes you just know--better than any 'expert' could. Close your eyes, reach for your beauty shelf, let your skin and senses rejoice. You are at the helm of your intuitive beauty journey.

Clear skin is unburdened skin. Whether your skin is congested from excessive heat, or a tendency toward clogging, this set bestows upon your face a clear sky, a crystalline pool, and a flawless diamond’s clarity.

Amazon After Dark is gentle, clarifying, and non-comedogenic (as are each of the products in this lineup). Mix it with a bit of water in your hands for an instant milky-emulsion that sweeps oily films and heat away from your face.

Mystic Awakening is a single ingredient rosemary hydrosol and it’s key word is astringent. The herb is known to promote mental clarity and its natural actives produce the same quality in the skin. You’ll feel a wakefulness in your skin, as though the windows have been thrown open to a cleansing breeze. Amethyst amplifies these powers and inspires an enlightened mind.

Prickly Pear is the cactus queen of deep moisture with an ever-so-light texture that dissolves into your skin, never clogging it. It carries rejuvenation deep into the skin and encourages movement and turnover.

Dewy Bean Dream is the end all, be all alt retinol. Beauties with cystic acne, chronic redness, uneven skin tone, and a dull sheen report clear skin in under a week. We cannot keep this break-through game changer in stock.

This complete set contains full sized Amazon After Dark (50ml/full size), Mystic Awakening (50ml), Prickly Pear (15ml), and a mini Dewy Bean Dream (3.5ml )in a beautiful glossy LILFOX gift box. A $175 value.



1. Cleanse/ Amazon After Dark

2. Mist/ Mystic Awakening

3. Retinol Alternative Night Serum / Dewy Bean Dream

4. Mist/ Mystic Awakening

5. Nectar/ Prickly Pear

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