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SANDALO Eau De Parfum

SANDALO Eau De Parfum

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Harness the power of exquisite rubies and golden aromatics for a parfum of Dionysian proportions. 


For centuries, perfumers have aimed to capture the elegant of sandalwood. This formula triumphantly declares, I HAVE ARRIVED - the quintessential sandalwood scent. You may rest now. I am here. 

A ruby infused botanical perfume with sultry, royal energetics. Soft smoky woods, madagascan vanilla, and rare powdered ambrette form a luxury cloak of ritualistic decadence. 

A clear desert night. Bonfire, the distant smell of tobacco and coffee. Your linen garments ripple in the gentle breeze. The glint of the stars is echoed in the simple statement hewers that adorn your skin, still warm from a day in the sun. A glass of bourbon in hand and a familiar laugh complete the scene. Imagine all of this - that is the scent of SANDALO.

The result is an easy-spritz, long lasting, non irritating, crown jewel of natural fragrance. 

impeccable sourcing of the highest quality botanical extracts result in an easy-spritz, long lasting natural fragrance. 



TOP: Yuzu citrus, Sicilian bergamot peel 

HEART: Powdered botanical ambrette, Madagascan vanilla bean, Cardamom spice  

BASE:  Soft sandalwood, Smoky Moroccan and Virgina cedar, Tobacco



Rubies a stone closely associated with royalty, are regal, dignified, and unstoppable. Stoke the fires of your ambitions and passions with this creative yet grounding gem. Firmly planted in the material realm, Ruby calls upon the cosmos, the fire in the sky, and patiently waits like a pouty red lip or a sunset-struck cowboy. Awe, reverie, and command all at once.

New Caledonian Sandalwood, plantation and sustainably grown in New Caledonia is extremely warm, sweet and ultra smooth. This sacred oil is rich in a-santalol which gives the oil it's long, rich and signature woody aromatic profile.

Madagascan Vanilla Bean adds softs notes of warm spice and tobacco. The sweet familiar aroma exudes sensuality and softens the ambiance. 



• Spritz in your hair to induce head turning behavior as you glide through the atmosphere.

• Apply to pulse points for a lasting scent that is uniquely you, commingled with precious botanicals. You are the secret ingredient.

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