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Robert Henry Salon



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Abundance is all around us in nature and the bountiful supply of food and plants to nourish and keep us alive and thriving. When down on our luck cultivating gratitude for this can be hard. This scent is to be consciously utilized, taking time to meditate on gratitude as well as the abundance nature has supplied. Sit comfortably closing your eyes, and picture a beautiful tree standing tall above you. On the branches, of the tree are gold coins dropping into the palms of your hands as you outstretch them to receive the many gifts. Picture these coins filling your palms and building in piles all around you. Take this scent, and feel the flow of green and gold energy fill your hands. Allow it to trigger visual memory of abundance. When you feel you are lacking, allow it to lift you as a reminder of the flow that is coming and trust that the universe has an endless supply for all. The energetics of pyrite are powerfully abundant and attract wealth, as well as our ability to manifest as it is said to draw luck and money to those who possess it. (THIS GUIDED MEDITATION IS ON BACK OF BOTTLE)

Spray this around your body, in your office or work space or when you are lacking gratitude or feeling like your flow is blocked. This pairs well with citrine to help ignite the creative powers within. Use this visual memory at your altar space, when dressing a candle and working on the manifestation of abundance. Lastly, remember, the universe has an endless supply, give thanks.

Ingredients: alcohol infused with benzoin resin, lavender and rosemary, water, & various essential oils as well as pyrite essence using an orgone infusion with copper as a conductor.

This scent has, copiba, fir, pine, clove, cedar, sandalwood, lavender, cardamom, etc (woodsy and alluring with a slight sweet spicy note) ALL NATURAL ESSENTIAL OIL BASED

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