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Cooling Cucumber Mist

A vibrant juicy green melon mist to cool and hydrate deeply. Natural enzymes in cucumber water soften skin and conditions. Fresh herbaceous and green aromatic profile instantly awakens the senses.

Made from fresh plants within hours of picking. Capturing the plant's vibrant energetics, aromatics, and healing cellular waters these are imbued with phyto-nutrients, minerals, and fatty acids. Add a haute layer to your skin wardrobe using this between each LILFOX serum and nectar treatment. This mist is made from precious biodynamic fresh plant distillate infused with a moonstone gemstone infusion.

Results: Mist delivers hydration to skin, leaving skin plump and dewy.  Skin is prepped for the oil step of applying nourishing face nectars. 

Skin Type: All skin types, especially delicate, mature, dry, or stressed.

Texture: Water viscosity. Fine Mist.


  • Generously mist over face after cleansing to remove any traces of cleanser and balance PH. 
  • Massage face nectar or moisturizer into skin and follow with more toning mist to assist with absorption and lock in moisture. 
  • Mist over face after applying make up to help set and leave skin with a dewy brightness. 
  • Revitalizes entire body and hair after a long day of work or travel. 
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