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Robert Henry Salon

FLOWER GOO Botanic Ferment Stem Cell Serum

FLOWER GOO Botanic Ferment Stem Cell Serum

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A full spectrum super serum to target concerns of dehydration, dullness, hyperpigmentation, loss of firmness, and fine lines. Formulated with a signature LILFOX cocktail of cell communicating high elevation rose and crocus flower stem cells, white orchid milk, biomimetic polypeptides, and brightening ferments to reset skin. This hydrating serum promotes healing on a cellular level and boosts collagen. It delivers near-instant results leaving the complexion looking refined and resurfaced after just one use. Botanical alchemy infused in a semi-transparent tonic that smells like the stems of freshly cut wildflowers.Hyaluronic acid, licorice root, and soothing fermented oats relieve irritation and maximize moisture. A symphony of galbanum, geranium and violet leaf form a grassy floral aromatic profile uniquely LILFOX.

Skin Type: All skin types, especially mature, dry, sensitive, dull and acne prone.

Texture: Ultra light, high slip, quick absorbing.



Immediately after cleansing, thoroughly hydrate skin with your LILFOX toning mist of choice.

For normal application: Pump 3 pumps of Flower Goo into your palm and gently pat or press it into the skin. Follow with Haute C, and let the Haute C glaze over for 3 minutes. Then follow with Mist, Succulent Pudding, Nectar of choice and SPF if it’s morning. 

If it’s the evening, follow the Goo with Mist and Dewy Bean Dream cocktailed with Marshmallow Poof, Mist, and top with Nectar and more Mist. 

For extra deep hydration, K-Beauty style: Go for the “Glass skin” look by adding stacking layers of mist & goo prior to any other products. Immediately after cleansing, thoroughly mist and press 1 pump of Flower Goo into the skin. I like to alternate these for 3 rounds, but tap into your intuition based on how plump you want your skin to be!

For a super treatment: follow the above K-beauty ritual, then top with a layer of Cupu Cool to act as a K-beauty style “sleeping masque”.

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