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BLUE LEGUME - Hydra-Soothe Treatment Mask

BLUE LEGUME - Hydra-Soothe Treatment Mask

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Blue Legume is the butterfly pea super-soaker that will plump and hydrate your skin like no other. Slather it on a bright blue and watch as it soaks into your skin, the pigment disappearing as it beautifies your complexion. Use it as a leave-on or mask it up and gently pat away with a warm clean towel for a micro facial-steam.

Shiitake + Reishi mushrooms catalyze collagen production, helping to reduce sagging skin and soften lines. Micro-algae, and violet extract offer multiple sources of polysaccharide hydration.  Balancing adaptogenic succulents of aloe and agave leaving skin's texture soft and firm and protected.  

Soothing and balancing scents of lime and basil leaf touch and calm the soul.

Results: Skin is enveloped in a rich crème that instantly soothes and hydrates deeply. 

Skin Type: All skin types, especially sensitive, mature, dry. 

Texture: Luxurious rich blue pudding.



  • Apply to thoroughly cleansed damp face whenever skin needs a little extra love. 
  • Will calm and soothe irritation.
  • Rehydrate with hydrosol toning mist if you desire to wear over 10 minutes.
  • Massage into skin before rinsing and wipe any excess off.
  • Follow with toning mist and nectar.  
  • Top with mist. 
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