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ANCIENT GREEN Viridescent Bath Genius Box

ANCIENT GREEN Viridescent Bath Genius Box

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The Ancient Green Box transports you to a magical time gone by—when Roman baths, enchanted woods, and the nectars of gods were just outside your door.

4 new, never before seen products that create a complete spa ritual and all vibrate to the aura green.

Choose your own adventure with two luxury Bath Genius Soaks. Get in your bath and prepare to super infuse beautifying, healing green products from head to toe.


Adriatic Temple is a salt soak, infused with a green aura quarts point in every jar, spiritually cleansing ancient tree resins, and minerals from way back. It's a light, greco-green. Soak your modern day away and step into your ANCIENT ROYALTY ERA.

Roman Eucalipto is a silky coconut powder base that comes out dry and smooths into a bath milk as you apply it directly to your skin or mix it into your piping hot bath water with respiratory aromatics that open your airways and purify your breath as your skin is made silken smooth.


Moss is the emerald green sister to fan favorite, Blue Legume. It's soft, pudding like emulsion texture goes on smooth and gently soothes and comforts the delicate skin of the face. Think of it as super drench—a moisturizing potion with all the power of a cloud forest to perfect your complexion and relieve your tension.

Mediterranean Cypruss is head-to-toe (green) gold. Hemp seed oil and Camellia oil blended with precious tree essential oils create a potent, absorbable, skin-silk layer that leaves a sacred forest scent, deep supple infusion of moisture, and olive-grove glow on every inch of your body.  The coniferous aromatics meticulously blended by Madame Fox will linger on your skin like a fresh forest perfume, made entirely of natural, organic, botanical ingredients. 

Master Auric Aesthetician Mikaela is back with a new guided journey that perfectly completes the ancient green portal. Find the exclusive QR code on the special, complimentary box companion card with instructions on how to use all the products. Press Play and prepare to gracefully trip into realm of green serenity; LILFOX style.
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