2hr $325

Receive the ultimate relaxation + rejuvenation experience while contouring and sculpting the face and body wholistically.


Facial Sculptural + Buccal Massage

Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage (Full Body)


LUXE BODY Enhancements 

  • Body Crystal Grid + Sound Therapy 
  • Detox Foot Bath 
  • Reiki Hair Bath 

Tune into your body and show love and gratitude. Release what isn't serving you, detox within and sculpt + tone your physique. 

No machinery used only the power of the human hands. 

Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage takes a holistic approach and stimulates the network of vessels in the body’s lymphatic system to detox, remove toxins, excess fluids, reduce swelling, edema, promote healthy blood flow, improve immune function, metabolism + gut health. This treatment also helps to reduce cellulite, achieve glowing skin and a natural body sculpt and toned physique.

Sophie creates a safe space for you to show love and gratitude to your body and also regulate the nervous system. After the treatment you will feel lighter, grounded and more connected to your body. You will ultimately feel “Embodied”. 


Proper functioning of the lymphatic system is critical to the body's ability to detox, drain fluids, and most importantly maintain a healthy immune system. Lymph vessels and nodes work together to accomplish these functions. Lymph vessels rely on a small muscular unit contracting throughout the body in order to propel the lymph. These contractions allow the lymph vessels to transport various substances (toxins, hormones, fatty acids, protein, immune cells) to the lymph nodes, in which point can be processed. This function can be hindered or stopped due to stress, lack of physical activity, emotional imbalances, age, swelling, alcohol consumption, chemicals, or food additives. When the circulation is stagnant fluids, cells and toxins accumulate and the lymphatic system's function is compromised.

Benefits of Brazilian Lymphatic Massage 

  • Natural body Sculpt + Detox
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Boost the immune system 
  • Boost metabolism + weight loss 
  • Helps with hormone imbalances 
  • Improves skin elasticity and reduces cellulite 
  • Helps improve gut health + indigestion
  • Helps with bloating, swelling, and water retention 
  • Encourages a healthy skin complexion + improves acne



Redefine Your Body. Redefine Your Life.

Experience whole-body wellness with the Celluma CONTOUR - the first LED Light Therapy device FDA-cleared on an Over-The-Counter basis for Body Contouring. It's the only light therapy device in the world for body contouring that's also FDA cleared to treat aging skin and pain in one device. CONTOUR is truly one-of-a-kind.

How does CONTOUR work? Red and near-infrared light activate adipocytes (fat cells), creating temporary pores in the cell membranes. During treatment, fat lipids empty out into the interstitial fluids of the body and are excreted through the body's normal metabolic processes. This results in smaller fat cells, and a slimmer you.


  • Reduce the circumference of hips, waist, and thighs
  • Drug-free, pain-free body sculpting
  • 3 Treatment Modes: for body contouring, aging skin, and pain management
  • Improve skin texture and appearance
  • Reduce fine lines & wrinkles
  • Pain relief for muscles and joints
  • Reduce inflammation & increase circulation
  • Patented shape-taking design ideal for whole-body application