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PINK Luxury Essential Oil + Bath Booster

PINK Luxury Essential Oil + Bath Booster

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Aromatherapist and sommelier blended pure essential oils for advanced aromatic indulgences.  Welcome to the Aromatic Beautysphere.

PINK offers divine aromatics of warm tonka, sparkling yuzu and restorative cedar to fill your bathing sanctuary with dreamy, starry energetics.


  • Diffuser Add 5-20 drops into water filled diffuser. Press play and enjoy. For larger spaces add more essential oil drops.
  • Bath: Add 3-5 drops into carrier (salts, oil, or honey). Drop into hot bath water and enjoy.
  • Palm: Add 1 drop into a small pea sized amount of carrier oil (coconut, olive, ect) and warm between palms to acivate aromatics. Inhale deeply for as long as deisred for a restorative effect.

Caution: Never add to bath undiluted. 

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